Depression and Anxiety

Everyone can feel sad, flat or low some of the time, but depression is experiencing these emotions intensely for an extended period of time.  Depression affects how we see ourselves and our motivation for participating in life.  It can affect energy, sleep patterns, mood, and relationships.  It is a serious illness that requires support.

Anxiety is another emotion that people find themselves battling with from time to time.  People suffering from anxiety, often over estimate the degree of their personal problems but feel powerless to change the cycle of their thinking. 

Depression and anxiety can impact an individual at any age.  It's important to understand that someone living with depression or anxiety can't necessarily 'snap out of it'.  They can be serious illnesses that can have a  negative affect on physical and emotional well being.

Tim can help you to understand what is happening in your brain, why you are feeling the way you are feeling, and how you can start to manage and improve your life.

If you believe you are feeling depressed or anxious, speak to your GP to get a referral under the Medicare Mental Health Care Plan.